Staying busy and working nonstop

I have been staying busy for the last few weeks. Trying to build an entire brand from the ground up is a time consuming process. But it’s going to happen. I’m too fired up and too passionate about my vision and my mission. Things are slow to start when you are working on something that is totally heart driven and based on giving, but the rewards at the end will make it totally worth it. I’m growing my audience and making the connections that will make this explode. To know that something I want to do can make a difference to many people is both awe inspiring and very humbling. Stay tuned for more details as I work them out.
I’m also going to be adding stories of inspiration and transformation on this blog. The first one is a friend of mine, Blake. His story of trials and growth are going to astound and amaze you as well as tug at your heart. Have tissues ready.
My daughter, Jenna, has also agreed to have her story here. Anyone who knows her, knows what she has dealt with. Her disabilities and her accomplishments will provide a great deal of inspiration.
Anyone who is interested in adding their story,  please let me know.


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