Why I do what I do

I want to lay things out on the table here and share my story. This is not an attempt at a pity party…in fact, it’s far from it. This is my gift to my audience. Openness and raw authenticity.
First, I am a forty four year old woman who lives with a chronic illness. The reason I start with this statement is that I have spent the last ten years living with a condition that affects the way I think, feel and process. I have fibromyalgia. It has physical and mental symptoms that can vary moment to moment.
One of the worst things for me is the mental fog. As a writer, I rely on my ability to think and to bring those thoughts to paper. Fibromyalgia has made that much more difficult, but it hasn’t stopped me. I continue to write and share my message. I also have depression. That combined with anxiety and self esteem issues made it very difficult for me to deal with any form of attention. But this can lead to loneliness that makes the depression worse.
I’ve also spent a great deal of my adult life taking care of others. From friends to family members, I fill a caregiver role. I don’t deny that or begrudge what I can do for others. I have raised a daughter with autism and dealt with loved ones having horrible illnesses. It’s made me stronger. But it’s also showed me how hard the role can be. I want to give other caregivers a voice in an often silent role.
This year I jumped into entrepreneurship and freelancing. It was a VERY scary move, but one that has returned a great deal of confidence. I now have complete say over my success or failure. Anything I accomplish, I accomplish with my own energy and drive. I have started building a team and bringing them to a new level of confidence as well.
I plan to use Younique and my writing as a base for me to help others. I will continue to pursue my dreams to help others achieve theirs.


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